BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo - Court of Appeals #RichFamousLife

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BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo - Court of Appeals #RichFamousLife

The eviction decision of Baguio City Court had done so much damage for CJHDevCo and BCDA case. It reverberated throughout the Camp John Hay’s entire population. Even the businesses and businessmen are in constant fear of expulsion. Their ways of living are connected to the longest-running legal case brought about by Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) versus Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) .

Sad to know that this squabbling of legal matters is still on-going which procured much disappointments and heartaches. Unlikely, the dirty tactics done by BCDA in the past, gave the rolling environment for the residents, third parties, Baguio City council especially the sub-lessees of CJHDevCo.

The tourist spot of the Philippines is experiencing the development which bound to be broken by ways of its management leader, who cannot organize properly and plant solutions to the problems. It creates bountiful negative effects that much to be reported to the people.

The city council had done their share to mediate the 19 conditions to BCDA and properly demanded its agreement. They made it notable points wherein BCDA President Arnel Casanova could not fathom to answer them back.

Likewise, the tribunal decision, that BCDA must reimburse the developer’s rent payments worth P1.42 billion. It also directed CJHDevco to return more than 240 hectares of leased property - inclusive of all new constructions and permanent improvements… in good and tenantable condition in all respects, reasonable wear and tear excepted. This tribunal decision made another wave of BCDA’s wrath to CJHDevCo and its sub-lessees who feared for their fate inside the camp.

The BCDA’s “Deed of Assignment” could not neither extinguish the true nature and fate of these businessmen. The negative actions done by BCDA added to its way of dealing them in different manner eluding the proper turnover of the camp. Moreover, CJHDevCo will not vacate the camp unless BCDA pays the 1.42B pesos.

The Court of Appeals (CA) has delayed the CJHDevCo eviction from Camp John Hay until BCDA pays them the money, but also ordered the group to hand over its sub-lease contracts to the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA), which is taking over the disputed property again. The sub-lessees have gain with this new Court Order because they are buyers in good faith and not a party in arbitration of CJHDevCo’s case.

This a good sign for the people concerned inside the Camp John Hay. It will release the tension for the meantime and it will find new ways to properly arrange the bad elements done by BCDA.
Likewise, the government leaders must mediate to stop this unending legal case and put forward the PPP program in the best manner.

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