Luxury Brands Best Way to Show Your Riches #RichFamousLife

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Luxury Brands Best Way to Show Your Riches #RichFamousLife

The luxury brands in your possession also reflect your social standing and wealth.

The concept of displaying one's affluence and wealth in various forms is not new, but prevalent since ancient times. The dignitaries, high ranking officials, and royal families were always in the forefront to show off their riches. The possession of luxury goods and services can indirectly show the affluence and net worth of the rich people and celebrities, and their social standing.

There are luxury brands in drinks, fashion, luggage, fragrances, watches, cars, jewelleries, luggage, handbags, and beauty products that are expensive, and afforded by few rich. These brands are essentially associated with the wealthy people and celebrities, and owning them reflects one's net worth and status in life. The high prices of these products are beyond the reach of common people, and only a very few can afford them. Buying a Gucci Handbag for $2,595 or Zafirro razor for $100,000 is inaccessible for many due to the high brand value and exorbitant prices.
Why luxury brands fascinate super rich people and celebrities, and why do they desire them?

There are few crucial points that can be cited for the immense popularity of the luxury brands including:

Exclusivity - is always connected with the luxury brand. People want to distinguish themselves from others by owning products that are not common and have limited editions, and owned by only rare few. They desire to stand-out among the equals, show their affluence and class, and desire to be recognized by the brand owned by them. But, with the time, exclusivity concept has also dramatically changed among the very rich people and celebrities. Today, according to these people, exclusivity means luxury products that have unusually limited editions, and available in the limited outlets.

High Price - is another factor that is connected with the exclusive products because when people want to buy a luxury brand, they have already made up their mind that the price of the product will be reasonably high and beyond the reach of many. They consciously or sub-consciously identify the luxury of the product or image with the increased price. The lower pricing of the product may harm the consumer expectations and also the brand value of the product in the eyes of the buyers. Therefore, premium products are priced exuberantly to meet the expectations of the elite, and also to reflect their social status.

Paucity - It is the common theory that the scarcity of a product in the market increases its demand among the people. In the same way, the limited edition of premium brands makes the product more valuable among the rich buyers, but over-revelation-and-distribution of the product make the goods easily available in the market reducing its brand value.

Performance - You may have come across cars, watches, and other luxury goods that are specifically studded with diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, iridium, etc. There are also premium products that are designed with exceptional craftsmanship, designs, rare raw materials, product quality, capabilities, and technology. These goods are unique and launched in rare quantity or selected pieces for a short-period in the market, and only lucky few can buy before these products are fully sold out.

Rich heritage - Few premium brands are in the market since a long period, and still maintaining same brand value and quality and famous in the market today, as they were in the beginning. The brand mystique inherits rich legacy and heritage, and people are known to have emotional attachments with both the product legacy and founder.

Today, there are many premium brands that are favourites of super rich and celebrities, but brands such as Louis Vuitton, Herme's, Gucci, Cartier, Prada, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Tiffany & Co are the top ten luxury brands for women in the world, holding top 10 positions. These brands include products such as ready-to-wear clothes, hand bags, luxury leather goods, clothing, shoes, luxury goods, jewelries and fashion accessories, lifestyle accessories, leather, jeans, perfumes, and watches. Different brands excel in separate products, and these products are designed to stay as niche products. The maker of these brands also takes the services of celebrities for launching and promoting their products. These brands can also be found in the exclusive stores across the world.

Gisele Bundchen, Madonna, Angelina, Jennofer Lopez, Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Paradis, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou, and other celebrities can be seen endorsing these brands. The price ranges of these brands are beyond the reach of many, and only immensely rich celebrities with high net worth can afford these luxury brands. Anybody possessing these brands can find themselves among the select group and the feeling of belonging to that special group alone can distinguish you from others, and provide you with an experience of prestige, luxury, satisfaction, and distinction.

Source: Franks Ross

BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo - Court of Appeals #RichFamousLife

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BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo - Court of Appeals #RichFamousLife

The eviction decision of Baguio City Court had done so much damage for CJHDevCo and BCDA case. It reverberated throughout the Camp John Hay’s entire population. Even the businesses and businessmen are in constant fear of expulsion. Their ways of living are connected to the longest-running legal case brought about by Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) versus Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) .

Sad to know that this squabbling of legal matters is still on-going which procured much disappointments and heartaches. Unlikely, the dirty tactics done by BCDA in the past, gave the rolling environment for the residents, third parties, Baguio City council especially the sub-lessees of CJHDevCo.

The tourist spot of the Philippines is experiencing the development which bound to be broken by ways of its management leader, who cannot organize properly and plant solutions to the problems. It creates bountiful negative effects that much to be reported to the people.

The city council had done their share to mediate the 19 conditions to BCDA and properly demanded its agreement. They made it notable points wherein BCDA President Arnel Casanova could not fathom to answer them back.

Likewise, the tribunal decision, that BCDA must reimburse the developer’s rent payments worth P1.42 billion. It also directed CJHDevco to return more than 240 hectares of leased property - inclusive of all new constructions and permanent improvements… in good and tenantable condition in all respects, reasonable wear and tear excepted. This tribunal decision made another wave of BCDA’s wrath to CJHDevCo and its sub-lessees who feared for their fate inside the camp.

The BCDA’s “Deed of Assignment” could not neither extinguish the true nature and fate of these businessmen. The negative actions done by BCDA added to its way of dealing them in different manner eluding the proper turnover of the camp. Moreover, CJHDevCo will not vacate the camp unless BCDA pays the 1.42B pesos.

The Court of Appeals (CA) has delayed the CJHDevCo eviction from Camp John Hay until BCDA pays them the money, but also ordered the group to hand over its sub-lease contracts to the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA), which is taking over the disputed property again. The sub-lessees have gain with this new Court Order because they are buyers in good faith and not a party in arbitration of CJHDevCo’s case.

This a good sign for the people concerned inside the Camp John Hay. It will release the tension for the meantime and it will find new ways to properly arrange the bad elements done by BCDA.
Likewise, the government leaders must mediate to stop this unending legal case and put forward the PPP program in the best manner.

BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo For Peaceful Turnover? #RichFamousLife

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BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo For Peaceful Turnover? #RichFamousLife

Nothing could be compared to BCDA when it comes to business deals and contracts. It's a government entity which promotes government program through Public Private Partnership (PPP) of the Aquino Administration. Determining the present stand of BCDA is not in its concept but it's the strategy of its President - President Arnel Casanova.

The BCDA and CJHDevCo had been squabbling for so long, but Arnel Casanova gave its greatest performance by acting the greatest tactics to subdued its opponent. The tribunal court had gave BCDA to pay 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo, in which, after payment, CJHDevCo will vacate the camp. But until now, the situation is vague, as BCDA showed no response for its commitment. Bullying with CJHDevCo and the lessees are present among his dirty tactics. Armed men were hired to control and monitor them for this kind of Casanova's strategy.

The TRO for 60 days couldn't show much appreciation by CJHDevCo, for BCDA was doing nothing to have peaceful business acumen and responsibilities. Third parties and lessees are among the most-damaged entities done by Arnel Casanova.

While this legal battle was running into a game of chance, it's the Baguio City who suffered much, and the people, of course needs development for the city's national building. Moreover, Mayor Mauricio Domogan has the edge to continue the 19 conditions set for BCDA. The Mayor's meeting is needed to push-through the much-needed agreement for the future of Baguio City.

The non-appearance of BCDA and JHMC for the first invitation of Mayor Domogan developed much doubts within the Baguio City Administration, the people, the businessmen inside the camp and other observers. It's likely that both entities are preparing for their strategies in facing this kind of problem.

From the humble beginning of Arnel Casanova up to his highest performance, it's the accolade for something a man can dreamed of, but his personality showed something different as years passed by, and it's because of favoring contracts of the big corporation for exchange of something valuable. He strategized this legal battle against CJHDevCo and did the negative with the third parties, locators, lessees and other businessmen inside the camp.

The bullying tactics of armed men inside the camp was another negative action done by BCDA President Arnel Casanova . The eviction technique was more of a drama-violence effect to CJHDevCo because of the 1.42B pesos, that, likely, the BCDA will not pay. Or, another strategy came from Arnel Casanova? The public was waiting for an answer coming from BCDA, but it did not materialized all the time, maybe the TRO will lapsed until then?

People knew that BCDA will not uphold the tribunal decision but instead devise a plan to make it more exciting and combatant. In the past, Arnel Casanova made this legal battle as a means to face it legally but laced with personal vendetta against CJHDevCo and later, favoring Ayala Corporation.

Baguio City Mayor: The Table Is Open To BCDA and JHMC #RichFamousLife

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Baguio City Mayor: The Table Is Open To BCDA and JHMC #RichFamousLife

The Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) President Arnel Paciano Casanova and John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) President Jamie Eloise Agbayani are the two persons who could give the final clarity for Baguio City government and its residents. The claiming of Camp John Hay from CJHDevCo transpired the coercive action against the third parties, lessees, locators and other businesses which claimed to be the prime mover of the camp.

It was improved by CJHDevCo for the past years even though the legal case still running and BCDA wanted it so much to claim back. As the saying goes, “give it back to me and I will give it to someone who can turn the tide with my personal life.”

The rampant damages that BCDA brought about to CJHDevCo cannot be deliberately summed up in one tune. The more it ravaged the businesses inside the Camp John Hay, the increase in disappointments multiplied.

The BCDA and JHMC leaders were not responding to the Mayor Domogan invitation in which, they had verified alibis not to attend. It’s their duties to face the Baguio City mayor to “grind the stone” for 19 conditions set by them. Most likely, Arnel Casanova has propaganda to counter these conditions in a timely manner. Of course, you knew the BCDA president, a humble government employee whose ambition in life’s to dig deeper the wealthier-side of his influence. Arnel Casanova is a good friend of the Ayalas, remember? He has formed a good business relationship with them from the beginning.

The Baguio City mayor has an important message to BCDA and JHMC; the segregation of 13 barangays from the reservation and must be provision of its own water source; likewise, payment for the city’s share from the lease rentals of the camp. He stressed that the19 conditions were part of the agreement even though CJHDevCo’s out of the picture.

This is the time for Mayor Mauricio Domogan to assert the conditions set by them between the BCDA. Moreover, the residents too, have all the rights to claim their share for their development. Likewise, the mayor will pursue its course until BCDA and JHMC must follow these 19 conditions without any leeway for them. The conditions are valid and they should elevate this subject matter, for them, to gain the positive reactions from both sides.

Their non-appearance was another ploy of BCDA to find solutions and to gain time in answering the Mayor of Baguio City. Could it be connivance between the BCDA and JHMC for not attending the said meeting? Let’s wait for them to answer their well-planned sides.

Characteristics of Different Types of Leadership and Management Styles #RichFamousLife


Characteristics of Different Types of Leadership and Management Styles #RichFamousLife

There are different types of leadership and management styles which can be used in different scenarios. Every leadership and management style has different characteristics making it different from others; therefore, they are adopted by managers in different situations. In the leadership development programs the instructors should know what type of leadership is to be taught to what kind of participants.

Active Blue is one of those leadership styles which can be used when there is a sensitive situation and commitment of people is important. Managers who adopt such style of leadership are people oriented, caring, likeable and motivate people to boost up their moral. They build more inter personal relationships and for that they use their interpersonal skills. When decisions have to be forced on people, managers with this style of leadership try to avoid conflict because they know such conflicts not only can create problem for them in the current situation but it can also hurt feelings of many of his/her followers.

Another style of leadership is Reflective Blue where leader gives importance to the organizational values and is obsessed with organizational issues. Whenever problem comes up they like to focus on the main subject matter and such leadership style is most favorable when team loses its identity and is doing too many things at the same time. This type of leadership style cannot be applied to situations where there is a technical problem and where there is no need of passion or emotion.

There is Active Green leadership style where leader always look out for opportunities and unexpected outcomes, introduces new things in the organization to bring change and likes to do experiments. They come up with different models and trial products and are the best when lots of projects are in pending status but this leadership style should not be used in situations when lot of changes are to be done or in the in processes.

People who develop long term objectives by keeping future conditions and outcome in the mind have Reflective Green leadership style. When long term drastic changes are to be made such leadership style is adopted but changes or groups which are made in the result of such changes may not survive in the short run.

Some managers adopt Active Yellow leadership style which involves high level of action leading to required results but here leader leads from the front. Leader makes the follower's exhibit certain behavior by first setting his her personal example for them. Whenever there is lack of motivation among people leaders adopts this style of leadership but very same style cannot be adopted when the team performance is being measured and success attained by the teams after so much effort can diminish in future.

Leaders are advised to be a good observer and listeners, leaders who have these qualities normally have Reflective Yellow leadership style. Such leaders make goals clear for his/her people, make expectation which are realistic and they express their expectations to people clearly but people with such type of leadership styles cannot be useful in situations where there are too many goals to be achieved and too many information to be processed to achieve these goals. Leaders who set achievable targets and make plans for these targets using information have Active Red leadership style. To implement plan in a better way they organize people and resources. They are called in when there is lack of organization and there seems to be no way of achieving the set goals. They are good at managing but they lack quality of being creative.

In Reflective Red leadership style leader does detailed analysis and makes models to explain the scenario to his/her team members. They like to get feedback from members of the team. They compare other situations with the current one and initiates debates which are based on rationale. These leadership and management styles should be adopted carefully because not every leadership styles fits in every situation. This is the important lesson which the learners of leadership development must keep in mind so that they may not apply a style to a wrong or inappropriate situation, as every one of them has different outcomes and needs different inputs from the leaders.

Source: Aena Williams. The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) brings senior executives and high potential leaders from all over the world for executive education to discover new dimensions in Leadership Development, Good Governance, Telecom Training, HR Performance and various other Leadership and Management practices to help them grow in their business careers.

CJHDevCo TRO Versus BCDA Fulfilment of Legal Obligation? #RichFamousLife


CJHDevCo TRO Versus BCDA Fulfilment of Legal Obligation? #RichFamousLife

In the highly competitive world of business, almost all types of industry here in the Philippines need the help of our government. Other businesses put forward their goals in the hands of the few. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) respectively are the two examples of entities moulded together but now differ its ways in conducting their own activities.

The BCDA President Arnel Casanova has a humble beginning before flying in the business world. He received an accolade of awards as a young man wherein he even studied at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government as a World Bank scholar.

As the youngest president of the BCDA, Atty. Casanova successfully transformed a former army camp into a master planned central business district – the Bonifacio Global City. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the state agency in charge of transforming former military bases into mixed-use communities, will open the avenues in dealing with other business organizations to spread the camp’s viability. BCDA President Arnel Casanova had done the most evasive strategies in holding the stand of its organization in pursuing the management of Camp John Hay.

Mr Arnel Casanova’s personality and style-of-management had created much damaged to its relationship with CJHDevCo and its third parties, all residents and members of CJH. The longest case between the two ran with lots of battles wherein, the BCDA President knocked its opponent through various tactics and propagandas to reclaim the management of Camp John Hay but the third parties and lessees under the CJHDevCo’s contracts were disturbed.

Arnel Casanova’s image as the modern business hero and has the awards in the business arena was not able to stop the calling of bribery. He is angry with corruption, while he is also a corrupt leader. Deep down inside his heart was corruption and harassing the Camp John Hay Development Corporation and the locators and sub-leases to vacate the camp.

CJHDevCo was granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the Court of Appeals and this will greatly affect the deadline to vacate, as it would suspend the said notice for sixty (60) days more. They have to extend its stay on the much coveted Camp John Hay grounds up until their sixty (60) days are up or if the BCDA decides to fulfil its legal obligation.

The BCDA must abide to pay the 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo about this 2-month period without delay.

Defamation, Libel and Slander #RichFamousLife


Defamation, Libel and Slander #RichFamousLife

The United States prides itself on being a country where freedom of speech is an everyday part of life. Americans take for granted their ability to express their opinions about the businesses they frequent, the products they don't like and even feel free to rant and rave about their employer on popular social networking sites online. This freedom of speech can sometimes carry negative consequences in the form of a lawsuit if someone feels defamed by the words of another.

What It Means To Defame Someone

Defamation involves speaking negatively about something as though it were absolute truth. Giving a negative statement about a country,group, product, government or person as if were fact when it is really false is considered defaming. Defamation occurs when someone takes that negative statement beyond the person or entity they are speaking against and spreads it publicly.

Slander And Its Legal Meaning

The term slander falls under the type of defamation that means words that are spoken to purposefully harm the reputation of another. This includes making false comments that are represented as truth. Slandering someone can also mean using their private information without their permission or revealing facts about that person without the proper authority to do so.

What Constitutes Libel

Libel is just like slander, but it goes one step further. Libel is defaming someone publicly by the use of the printed word. It could mean publishing an article, newspaper story or book that exposes someone to hatred, shame, humiliation, ridicule and disgrace. Libel can cause serious damage to a person's business reputation causing other people to avoid them. This could mean something like posting a statement that someone has a contagious disease or is dying when it is not true causing their employer to lay them off work.

Defamation, libel and slander are all intertwined legally. Without these laws in place, people would feel free to damage another person's reputation for their own personal gain. Unscrupulous business competitors, angry in-laws and jilted spouses could have a field day spreading slanderous statements for revenge. Having defamation laws in place give people a legal recourse if they become the victim of false statements that damage their reputations.

Defamation laws help keep the freedom of speech and press in check. Attorneys that specialize in defamation laws can assist people who have had their personal and business reputations destroyed by the false spoken or written statements of another.

Source: Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher living in Austin, Texas. He recommends you check out Farris Law a Personal Injury Lawyer in St Louis. Visit the website

Deed of Assignment or Dead of Rights? #RichFamousLife

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State-owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Sobrepeña-owned Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCO) said they welcomed the investigation to be made by the Senate and the House of Representatives on the controversy surrounding the 247-hectare John Hay Special Economic Zone (JHSEZ).

The other day, The Regional Trial Court of Baguio City today granted the Petition of John Hay Developer, CJH Development Corporation (CJHDEVCO) for Confirmation of the P1.42 billion money award to CJHDEVCO by the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (PDRCI) rendered last 11 February 2015 against the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA). In a 7-page decision issued last March 27, 2015, Judge Cecilia Corazon Dulay Archog, Presiding Judge of Baguio RTC, Branch 6, rendered judgment confirming the Final Award by the PDRCI to CJHDEVCO ordering BCDA to return to CJHDEVCO the total amount of rentals CJHDEVCO has paid in the total amount of PHP1,421,096,052.00. Judge Archog likewise confirmed the PDRCI ruling that CJHDEVCO is NOT LIABLE FOR ANY UNPAID BACK RENT consistent with the ruling that rescission and mutual restitution is proper in the case.

The recent dirty tactics of Arnel Casanova in squabbling of BCDA to CJHDevCo stand with third parties contracts. CJHDevCo accused BCDA of harassing the third party owners of properties and businesses within Camp John Hay:

(1) CJHDevCo has been misleading the sub-lessees by telling them that the BCDA was aware of their contracts and should be the agency to honor their contracts.

(2) The fact that CJHDevCo has concealed the contracts of the sub-lessees and sub-locators to John Hay Management Corp. and BCDA made the Sobrepeña firm liable to the sub-lessees and sub-locators.

(3) BCDA met with the Camp John Hay residents, owners and tenants to present a five page contract, “Deed of Assignment” that deliberately threatens them to either turn over to the BCDA all their contracts, records and a complete power of attorney for the BCDA to use as they see fit in their quest to “crush” CJHDevCo, or face certain termination of their contracts and the rights to use their properties in Camp John Hay.

Even Baguio Mayor Mauricio Domogan asked both BCDA and JHMC to stop issuing statements that divert the public’s attention from the fact that they themselves were to blame for the nullification of the contract.

Remember that, The Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.,(PDRCI) cast its decision to both CJHDevCo and BCDA, ordering the developer, CJHDevCo to give up occupancy of the leased areas of the former military camp and the BCDA to return P1.42 billion as reimbursement for rental payments. It must be followed by both parties for peaceful transition.

But because of Arnel Casanova’s arrogant behaviour in dealing with CJHDevCo earlier urged the lessees and locators to lay their rightful claim to the P1.42 billion that CJHDevCo would be receiving from the agency by virtue of a decision issued by Philippine Dispute Resolution Center Inc. (PDRCI). The amount represented the lease payments of CJHDevCo to Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) .

Arnel Casanova could take much from his ultimate desire to pin down Robert Sobrepena to its knees. His ego-tripping character did matters most to him while the image of Camp John Hay was damaged and adding to the fact that businesses inside the Camp were vague and intimidating to its guests, visitors and the Baguio City residents.

CJHDevCO had always wanted to talk things over with the BCDA. It seemed, however, that BCDA officials have already made up their minds and is now harassing sub-locators to favor their illegal actions against them, done prior to the rendering of the confirmation of the tribunal’s decision.

What we expect now for Arnel Casanova’s egoistic move in dealing with this legal drama of the century? His leadership-style caused unnecessary tension and uncertainty, which is bad for tourism and for business in general. It caused the negative element in pushing up the development of Baguio City and its people. Moreover, his personal vendetta to win over Robert Sobrepena with this case caused so many bad elements in the name of the government. Likewise, his actions with nothing to be considered from the court or other leaders meant for his uncharacterized personality to manage the government institution. Camp John Hay is like a cockpit arena for him to fight what’s inside his arrogant character.

The Five-Page Contract of BCDA, Another Propaganda? #RichFamousLife

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According to its mission and vision, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) is a prime mover of national development. The group transform former military bases and properties into premier centers of economic growth in partnership with the private sector with integrity, excellence and efficiency in the stewardship of government resources. It creates sustainable urban communities to uplift the lives of Filipinos.

BCDA continues to embark on promising endeavours with the mission of pushing forward the country’s economy. BCDA has proven to be one of the most successful government agencies in attracting investments, creating jobs, for the Filipino people and boosting the Philippine economy.

Did the BCDA President Arnel Casanova have done of the above? Let’s get a throwback of him if he ever did uplift the lives of Filipinos?

The leadership of Arnel Casanova of BCDA caused unnecessary tension and uncertainty, which is bad for tourism and for business in general. It caused the negative element in pushing up the development of Baguio City and its people. It damaged the city government of Baguio and its residents. It gave much shortfall when it comes to financial revenues intended for the people.

Moreover, his propaganda to pin-down Robert Sobrepena with this case, caused so many bad elements in the name of the government. Likewise, his actions with nothing to be considered from the court or other leaders meant for his uncharacterized personality to manage the government institution.

Mr. Arnel Casanova’s management-style and dealing with CJHDevCo’s case had caused much squabbling that made it look a personal vendetta. But even this case had been given a tribunal decision; still, the continuing legal battle remains the same. The significant terms for investors in doing business inside the camp are subjected to uncertainty of their contracts done by the CJHDevCo, which was found to be fraudulent in the eyes of BCDA.

BCDA repeatedly overstepped the MOA/RMOAs to its private partner’s detriment, while CJHDevCo continued to act in good faith all these years–in unequivocal support of the government’s public-private partnership program, paying P1.4 billion in rentals and investing some P5 billion in various CJH facilities and other projects. And, Arnel Casanova had done other misleading statements for his personal whims.

Of course, with this case, it started to create another gigantic problem to all especially the investors inside the Camp John Hay. Right now for sure, they are subjected to uncertainties caused by the BCDA continuing legal implications. It’s for BCDA to initiate good example for the investors because they need the businessmen inside the camp that could help tourism industry and offer employment to the people of Baguio City, but subjecting them to personal vendetta or coercion is a big mistake.

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) wanted all their contracts, records and a complete Power Of Attorney for the BCDA to use in the foregoing transition with CJHDevCo. The residents/owners/investors were subjected to a five page contract that threatened their rights to use their properties inside the Camp John Hay or face termination of their contracts. The BCDA started its vengeance and bait the businessmen inside the Camp John Hay for this contract. It gives negative effects and uncertainties on them which meant that their rights are in trouble.

CJHDevCo is still in control of Camp John Hay and still protects the interests of the third parties (buyers, sub-locators, hotel unit owners and sub-lessees) since these third parties have made investments in CJH. Rights of third parties should be recognized.

The BCDA must immediately settle their obligations with CJHDevCo, amounting to 1.4B pesos, so that they can turn over the property to the government and must respect the sub-leases as third parties in the contracts in which the CJH and CJHDevCo had known about. It turned-out that these businessmen could not fathom the essence of coercion and their rights in Camp John Hay. The most vital thing was, “If they do not turn over their contracts with CJHDevCo to the BCDA, then the BCDA will simply take their properties away from them.

The Uncertainties and Losses At Camp John Hay #RichFamousLife


The uncertainties and losses of all concerned with this case are alarming and cannot be given proper transitions according to the tribunal court’s decision. Its merits for giving an award to Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) formed indefinite solutions which cannot obtain in peaceful endorsement.

While each side are making its own legal findings for their present situations, it also creates additional problems being unfolded by both parties. Nevertheless, the investors and businessmen who had contracts with CJHDevCo before are in quandary for the on-going squabble of the two parties.

The leadership of Arnel Casanova of BCDA caused unnecessary tension and uncertainty, which is bad for tourism and for business in general. It caused the negative element in pushing up the development of Baguio City and its people. Moreover, his propaganda to pin-down Robert Sobrepena with this case, caused so many bad elements in the name of the government. Likewise, his actions with nothing to be considered from the court or other leaders meant for his uncharacterized personality to manage the government institution.

CJHDevco stand for the “final award” of the arbitral tribunal which terminated the original lease agreement and resulting to the ordering of CJHDevco to vacate the property is not “executor,” Bob Sobrepena said. “Under the law, CJHDevco is not required to turn over Camp John Hay until and unless the arbitration award is confirmed by the Regional Trial Court of Baguio in the form of Writ of Execution.

Until such confirmation, neither the BCDA nor CJHDevco, much less sub-lessees are legally obliged to comply with its terms. Moreover, the termination of the original lease contract does not empower the BCDA to repeal the subleases to locators, since the BCDA has consented to subletting the real-estate developments found within the property, through its subsidiary, the John Hay Management Corp.

BCDA should continue to honor its commitment since it was its subsidiary which vested the right to lease the properties and BCDA has representatives in the board of directors of CJHDevco from 2009 to 2011, and, therefore, cannot say that it is unaware of the CJHDevco’s operations and agreements with locators. Under these circumstances, BCDA cannot now disclaim knowledge of the sublease contracts, nor claim it had never consented to subletting properties.

The Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.,(PDRCI) cast its decision to both CJHDevCo and BCDA, ordering the developer, CJHDevCo to give up occupancy of the leased areas of the former military camp and the BCDA to return P1.42 billion as reimbursement for rental payments.

The decision states CJHDevCo will return the property “in good and tenantable condition in all respects, reasonable wear and tear excepted” interpreting it as a clean slate of property ready for occupancy. The agreement with CJHDevCo was terminated, 3rd party lessees contracts were also automatically terminated with the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. having no mention of lessees.

Of course, with this case, it started to create another gigantic problem to all especially the investors inside the Camp John Hay. Right now for sure, they are subjected to uncertainties while the two giants fought with all their weapons at hand. This is not good example to all Baguio residents and its visitors.

What are the rights of the investors when both sides deemed pronounced their capabilities for this case? What will happen if Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and CJHDevCo are not equally right for their true intentions of the Camp John Hay? Sad to hear about this legal battle that never been given a chance to produce best result. Both sides never had the inkling to cooperate for the betterment of our nation, but creates bad example to the new generation.

For sure, Baguio City government leaders and citizens are very much disappointed with Arbitration Tribunal decision and so much now that the two sides are gearing for another legal war. Not only that, Arnel Casanova’s management-style caused serious blow to the AFP Modernization Program.

Is there another way or ways to stop this never-ending legal battle between the two?

Analyzing CJHDevCo Stand In Arbitration Tribunal Award #RichFamousLife

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As the case was beginning to unfold with the Arbitral Tribunal decisions, the light comes shining through of this long legal battle between the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) against Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co).

It’s very interesting to know that this legal drama can now have positive impact to the people and leaders of Baguio City. The claiming of Camp John Hay by the BCDA was their ultimate desire starting when CJHDevCo failed to pay the rent. Their squabbles continued as BCDA was making Bob Sobrepena the underdog of the case. It’s really known to many how Arnel Casanova filed an estafa case against Bob Sobrepena but the Pasay Court found him cleaned with his transactions to BCDA.

The award of arbitration turned the tide in which CJHDevCo was very pleased for the result. They welcomed the decision of the tribunal and follow the processes to be implemented.

The Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc., (PDRCI) ordered the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) to pay P1.42 Billion to Camp John Hay Developer, CJH Development Corporation (CJHDEVCO) representing rental payments made by CJHDEVCO to BCDA since 1996.

The arbitration body also ordered that BCDA is not entitled to the P3.3 Billion alleged unpaid rentals to Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). The PDRCI found that BCDA did not accomplish the promised center of the Camp. Besides, did not approve the processing of government permits needed in the Camp development.

The CJHDevCo developed and maintained the Camp John Hay while the case was filed in the tribunal. They accepted sub-lessees and sub- locators in Camp John Hay to enable them to uplift their earnings in which just for maintaining the camp, even the eco-development by planting additional pine trees.

The CJHDevCo had publicly announced and assured the tenants about their present position while working on the legal aspects of the award. The following’s the public statement of CJHDevCo to the media:

The Arbitration Tribunal has ordered BCDA to pay CJHDevCo 1.42B pesos representing damages based on rental payments since 1996.

Due to breach of contract, the Arbitration Tribunal denied BCDA’s claim for 3.3 B pesos in back rentals from CJHDevCo. As such, this puts CJHDevCo free and clear of any liabilities to BCDA.

CJHDevCo will abide by the Arbitral Award and will cooperate with BCDA for a peaceful transition provided that the award is confirmed by the Regional Trial Court of Baguio City and the payment of 1.42B pesos has been received in full by CJHDevCo.

We assure all buyers, locators and sub-lesses that any forcible or armed attempts to take-over the camp without the writ of execution of the Baguio Court and without the full payment by BCDA of the 1.42B pesos arbitral award before CJHDevCo turns over the camp shall be thwarted with full resolve.

In the interim, until BCDA secures the writ of execution and fully pays CJHDevCo the 1.42B pesos money award, CJHDevCo shall continue to exercise possession, control, and management of the camp to maintain peace and order, assure the safety of its residents and enable its locators and sub-lessees to conduct their business as usual.

We assure our buyers, locators and sub-lessees that their rights and interests to the properties they acquired and are now using in Camp John Hay, will continue to be protected and respected by Law. The BCDA consented to all sub-leases within the camp when it expressly gave CJHDevCo the right to sub-lease various areas and real estate inventory. The BCDA is also fully aware that the various properties inside the camp were sub-let to various third parties in good faith.

With this public statement of CJHDevCo’s position, what will be the action plan of BCDA?

BCDA Versus CJHDevCo: The Legal Battle Is It Over? #RichFamousLife


The recent resolution passed by the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc., (PDRCI) between Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevco) had stirred observers and Filipinos alike. What matter most was the fact that it gave equal treatment and decisions? Likewise, Baguio City Government wanted this case to stop for it only makes the citizens suffer for more but now, a victory for government. Finally it will be returned and it can now be developed for the benefit of the public.

The long and sweaty legal battle damaged the entire government revenues coming from the tourists. It reflects negativity for the entire place which can offer much to its visitors. The main effort done by the CJHDevCo inside the camp was overwhelming in terms for the development. Businesses flourished despite the case was lodged against them for not paying rentals.

The arbitral tribunal dismissed the BCDA’s claim for back rentals which CJHDevCo have always maintained were never due and grateful that the substantial rentals the company paid in the course of over more than 10 years were ordered returned to CJHDevCo. And they are currently studying the legal options.

The sum of 1.42B was sufficiently ordered against BCDA to pay the CJHDevCo while legal option to get 3.4B for arrears from CJHDevCo that they used and maintained for so long inside the camp.

The decision also proclaimed the number of trees to be cared for when BCDA will finally claim the place. It’s the eco-system that brought the place to be desired by the tourists. It’s on the hand of the government to plan and take action for its development. Both parties couldn’t initiate until the court order for its finality.

On the CJHDevCo’s side, they want BCDA to settle the amount before claiming the Camp John Hay. Likewise, the stakeholders should coordinate to its new management for inventories and status. The businesses inside the camp must also help BCDA to uplift the overall standing for revenues in the future.

Whatever agreement Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) entered into with CJHDevco no longer applies because their subleases have been terminated with the principal lease. CJHDevco has not been paying the BCDA lease rentals and arrears have ballooned to over P3.4 billion, 25 percent of which or P850 million should have gone to the local governments of Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay.

BCDA will still run after CJHDevco to pay for the use of the facility for over a decade and for which it has earned billions. Since it cannot be determined which of the parties first violated the 2008 RMOA, such is hereby deemed extinguished due to the mutual breach of the same by both parties. The termination by respondent of the original lease agreement is hereby confirmed in view of the breach of the same by claimant: the claimant is ordered to vacate the leased premises and promptly deliver the leased property, inclusive of all new constructions and permanent improvements introduced during the term of the lease as reckoned from the execution of the original lease agreement to respondent in good and tenantable condition in all respects, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

Let’s see in the coming days what will be next moves of BCDA and CJHDevCo. For sure each party has its own legal weapons to unfold.

Bob Sobprena Of CJH Dev Co Is The Winner? #RichFamousLife

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The recent decision of Pasay RTC is making waves of disappointments to BCDA in which for sure, CJH DevCo Robert Sobrepena calls it, “The truth will prevail.” It’s merely “lucky” or a true form of harassment?

The case couldn’t revolve around Bob Sobprena only but to the whole entity which exercise their rights to put forward the said MOA between Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and CJH Dev Co. The DOJ has singled Robert Sobrepena for estafa case, when in fact he has partners for this endeavor who also to be with him on this case?

I think, the DOJ hadn’t realized this before because their main focus was centered to Bob Sobrepena. Likewise, Arnel Casanova has been acting with this case without the true intention of the result. He allegedly done the propaganda against Bob Sobprena but never realized the true form of the case. This merit will add to the finality of the case in favor to CJH Dev Co?

In the past, the Sobrepeña camp contended that the BCDA agreed to defer rental payments under two restructuring memoranda of agreement (MOA) signed in August 1999 and July 2000. In the “whereas” clause of the last MOA, Sobrepeña said it was expressly stated that CJHDevCo’s inability to undertake its development plans and realize its projected sales and revenues were caused by BCDA’s admitted breaches of the lease agreement, delays in fulfilling its obligations and the detrimental effects of the Asian financial crisis on the Philippine economy. BCDA acknowledged the problems encountered by CJHDevCo, partially caused by delays on the part of BCDA, led to the deferment of rental payments.

The Pasay RTC noted that it was a joint committee comprised of officers of both CJHDevCo and BCDA that ruled to allow the deferment of payments. “If there was misrepresentation as to the financial condition of CJHDevCo, the officers/directors of BCDA who are members of the committee might have been remiss, if not fell short, of their duty to determine the financial capacity or incapacity of CJHDevCo to pay its obligations.”

The Pasay RTC also underscored Sobrepeña’s transparency with BCDA, adding that there was no evidence that Sobrepeña concealed the corporate records and financial statements of CJHDevCo to BCDA or that he persuaded, if not insisted, BCDA to enter into the contract. “The very stipulations of the MOAs appear to be a product of negotiations, verification and careful, if not meticulous, evaluation. The July 14, 2000 MOA was even approved by the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel and by the Office of the President.”

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