Baguio City Mayor: The Table Is Open To BCDA and JHMC #RichFamousLife

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Baguio City Mayor: The Table Is Open To BCDA and JHMC #RichFamousLife

The Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) President Arnel Paciano Casanova and John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) President Jamie Eloise Agbayani are the two persons who could give the final clarity for Baguio City government and its residents. The claiming of Camp John Hay from CJHDevCo transpired the coercive action against the third parties, lessees, locators and other businesses which claimed to be the prime mover of the camp.

It was improved by CJHDevCo for the past years even though the legal case still running and BCDA wanted it so much to claim back. As the saying goes, “give it back to me and I will give it to someone who can turn the tide with my personal life.”

The rampant damages that BCDA brought about to CJHDevCo cannot be deliberately summed up in one tune. The more it ravaged the businesses inside the Camp John Hay, the increase in disappointments multiplied.

The BCDA and JHMC leaders were not responding to the Mayor Domogan invitation in which, they had verified alibis not to attend. It’s their duties to face the Baguio City mayor to “grind the stone” for 19 conditions set by them. Most likely, Arnel Casanova has propaganda to counter these conditions in a timely manner. Of course, you knew the BCDA president, a humble government employee whose ambition in life’s to dig deeper the wealthier-side of his influence. Arnel Casanova is a good friend of the Ayalas, remember? He has formed a good business relationship with them from the beginning.

The Baguio City mayor has an important message to BCDA and JHMC; the segregation of 13 barangays from the reservation and must be provision of its own water source; likewise, payment for the city’s share from the lease rentals of the camp. He stressed that the19 conditions were part of the agreement even though CJHDevCo’s out of the picture.

This is the time for Mayor Mauricio Domogan to assert the conditions set by them between the BCDA. Moreover, the residents too, have all the rights to claim their share for their development. Likewise, the mayor will pursue its course until BCDA and JHMC must follow these 19 conditions without any leeway for them. The conditions are valid and they should elevate this subject matter, for them, to gain the positive reactions from both sides.

Their non-appearance was another ploy of BCDA to find solutions and to gain time in answering the Mayor of Baguio City. Could it be connivance between the BCDA and JHMC for not attending the said meeting? Let’s wait for them to answer their well-planned sides.

Characteristics of Different Types of Leadership and Management Styles #RichFamousLife


Characteristics of Different Types of Leadership and Management Styles #RichFamousLife

There are different types of leadership and management styles which can be used in different scenarios. Every leadership and management style has different characteristics making it different from others; therefore, they are adopted by managers in different situations. In the leadership development programs the instructors should know what type of leadership is to be taught to what kind of participants.

Active Blue is one of those leadership styles which can be used when there is a sensitive situation and commitment of people is important. Managers who adopt such style of leadership are people oriented, caring, likeable and motivate people to boost up their moral. They build more inter personal relationships and for that they use their interpersonal skills. When decisions have to be forced on people, managers with this style of leadership try to avoid conflict because they know such conflicts not only can create problem for them in the current situation but it can also hurt feelings of many of his/her followers.

Another style of leadership is Reflective Blue where leader gives importance to the organizational values and is obsessed with organizational issues. Whenever problem comes up they like to focus on the main subject matter and such leadership style is most favorable when team loses its identity and is doing too many things at the same time. This type of leadership style cannot be applied to situations where there is a technical problem and where there is no need of passion or emotion.

There is Active Green leadership style where leader always look out for opportunities and unexpected outcomes, introduces new things in the organization to bring change and likes to do experiments. They come up with different models and trial products and are the best when lots of projects are in pending status but this leadership style should not be used in situations when lot of changes are to be done or in the in processes.

People who develop long term objectives by keeping future conditions and outcome in the mind have Reflective Green leadership style. When long term drastic changes are to be made such leadership style is adopted but changes or groups which are made in the result of such changes may not survive in the short run.

Some managers adopt Active Yellow leadership style which involves high level of action leading to required results but here leader leads from the front. Leader makes the follower's exhibit certain behavior by first setting his her personal example for them. Whenever there is lack of motivation among people leaders adopts this style of leadership but very same style cannot be adopted when the team performance is being measured and success attained by the teams after so much effort can diminish in future.

Leaders are advised to be a good observer and listeners, leaders who have these qualities normally have Reflective Yellow leadership style. Such leaders make goals clear for his/her people, make expectation which are realistic and they express their expectations to people clearly but people with such type of leadership styles cannot be useful in situations where there are too many goals to be achieved and too many information to be processed to achieve these goals. Leaders who set achievable targets and make plans for these targets using information have Active Red leadership style. To implement plan in a better way they organize people and resources. They are called in when there is lack of organization and there seems to be no way of achieving the set goals. They are good at managing but they lack quality of being creative.

In Reflective Red leadership style leader does detailed analysis and makes models to explain the scenario to his/her team members. They like to get feedback from members of the team. They compare other situations with the current one and initiates debates which are based on rationale. These leadership and management styles should be adopted carefully because not every leadership styles fits in every situation. This is the important lesson which the learners of leadership development must keep in mind so that they may not apply a style to a wrong or inappropriate situation, as every one of them has different outcomes and needs different inputs from the leaders.

Source: Aena Williams. The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) brings senior executives and high potential leaders from all over the world for executive education to discover new dimensions in Leadership Development, Good Governance, Telecom Training, HR Performance and various other Leadership and Management practices to help them grow in their business careers.

CJHDevCo TRO Versus BCDA Fulfilment of Legal Obligation? #RichFamousLife


CJHDevCo TRO Versus BCDA Fulfilment of Legal Obligation? #RichFamousLife

In the highly competitive world of business, almost all types of industry here in the Philippines need the help of our government. Other businesses put forward their goals in the hands of the few. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJH Dev Co) respectively are the two examples of entities moulded together but now differ its ways in conducting their own activities.

The BCDA President Arnel Casanova has a humble beginning before flying in the business world. He received an accolade of awards as a young man wherein he even studied at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government as a World Bank scholar.

As the youngest president of the BCDA, Atty. Casanova successfully transformed a former army camp into a master planned central business district – the Bonifacio Global City. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the state agency in charge of transforming former military bases into mixed-use communities, will open the avenues in dealing with other business organizations to spread the camp’s viability. BCDA President Arnel Casanova had done the most evasive strategies in holding the stand of its organization in pursuing the management of Camp John Hay.

Mr Arnel Casanova’s personality and style-of-management had created much damaged to its relationship with CJHDevCo and its third parties, all residents and members of CJH. The longest case between the two ran with lots of battles wherein, the BCDA President knocked its opponent through various tactics and propagandas to reclaim the management of Camp John Hay but the third parties and lessees under the CJHDevCo’s contracts were disturbed.

Arnel Casanova’s image as the modern business hero and has the awards in the business arena was not able to stop the calling of bribery. He is angry with corruption, while he is also a corrupt leader. Deep down inside his heart was corruption and harassing the Camp John Hay Development Corporation and the locators and sub-leases to vacate the camp.

CJHDevCo was granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the Court of Appeals and this will greatly affect the deadline to vacate, as it would suspend the said notice for sixty (60) days more. They have to extend its stay on the much coveted Camp John Hay grounds up until their sixty (60) days are up or if the BCDA decides to fulfil its legal obligation.

The BCDA must abide to pay the 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo about this 2-month period without delay.

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