BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo For Peaceful Turnover? #RichFamousLife

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BCDA Must Pay CJHDevCo For Peaceful Turnover? #RichFamousLife

Nothing could be compared to BCDA when it comes to business deals and contracts. It's a government entity which promotes government program through Public Private Partnership (PPP) of the Aquino Administration. Determining the present stand of BCDA is not in its concept but it's the strategy of its President - President Arnel Casanova.

The BCDA and CJHDevCo had been squabbling for so long, but Arnel Casanova gave its greatest performance by acting the greatest tactics to subdued its opponent. The tribunal court had gave BCDA to pay 1.42B pesos to CJHDevCo, in which, after payment, CJHDevCo will vacate the camp. But until now, the situation is vague, as BCDA showed no response for its commitment. Bullying with CJHDevCo and the lessees are present among his dirty tactics. Armed men were hired to control and monitor them for this kind of Casanova's strategy.

The TRO for 60 days couldn't show much appreciation by CJHDevCo, for BCDA was doing nothing to have peaceful business acumen and responsibilities. Third parties and lessees are among the most-damaged entities done by Arnel Casanova.

While this legal battle was running into a game of chance, it's the Baguio City who suffered much, and the people, of course needs development for the city's national building. Moreover, Mayor Mauricio Domogan has the edge to continue the 19 conditions set for BCDA. The Mayor's meeting is needed to push-through the much-needed agreement for the future of Baguio City.

The non-appearance of BCDA and JHMC for the first invitation of Mayor Domogan developed much doubts within the Baguio City Administration, the people, the businessmen inside the camp and other observers. It's likely that both entities are preparing for their strategies in facing this kind of problem.

From the humble beginning of Arnel Casanova up to his highest performance, it's the accolade for something a man can dreamed of, but his personality showed something different as years passed by, and it's because of favoring contracts of the big corporation for exchange of something valuable. He strategized this legal battle against CJHDevCo and did the negative with the third parties, locators, lessees and other businessmen inside the camp.

The bullying tactics of armed men inside the camp was another negative action done by BCDA President Arnel Casanova . The eviction technique was more of a drama-violence effect to CJHDevCo because of the 1.42B pesos, that, likely, the BCDA will not pay. Or, another strategy came from Arnel Casanova? The public was waiting for an answer coming from BCDA, but it did not materialized all the time, maybe the TRO will lapsed until then?

People knew that BCDA will not uphold the tribunal decision but instead devise a plan to make it more exciting and combatant. In the past, Arnel Casanova made this legal battle as a means to face it legally but laced with personal vendetta against CJHDevCo and later, favoring Ayala Corporation.

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